49ers' deal for Vernon Davis makes sense

Vernon Davis works hard, plays hard, stays out of trouble, blocks effectively, stretches opposing defenses, makes big plays and stays on the field across situations.

That's why the San Francisco 49ers' five-year extension for Davis, announced by the team Saturday, makes sense.

Tight end generally is not a high-value position. The 49ers arguably overdrafted when they made Davis the sixth player chosen in 2006. But Davis has emerged as a Pro Bowl-caliber player. The work ethic he has consistently shown gives the 49ers some sense of what to expect in terms of career trajectory.

This moment seemed unlikely when coach Mike Singletary banished Davis to the locker room for losing his cool during a memorable and defining 2008 game against Seattle. Davis got the message. Singletary named Davis a team captain, a designation that became self-fulfilling, I thought, by giving Davis standards and expectations to maintain.

We recently saw Davis become too personal when flexing his leadership at receiver Michael Crabtree. Singletary backed Davis' intentions while questioning the tight end's tactics. The bottom line is that Davis' heart seems to be in the right place, and his play speaks for itself.

Getting this deal out of the way gives free safety Dashon Goldson a chance to be the next rising young 49ers player in line for a lucrative extension. Goldson still has something to prove. Davis does, too, but earning first-team Pro Bowl honors last season put him in position to cash in.

That's it from the airport. I'm off to St. Louis momentarily.