A walk through an NFL theme park

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

INDIANAPOLIS -- Coaches and personnel people were streaming from hotels to player interview sessions as the NFL scouting combine continued Thursday night.

I'll describe a five-minute sequence this afternoon to provide a feel for the combine. This all happened while I was finishing a walk from Lucas Oil Stadium to my hotel.

The man crossing the street in the opposite direction? Colts president Bill Polian. The man walking past as I entered the convention center perhaps a minute later? Niners general manager Scot McCloughan. The men walking past while I headed toward a skybridge to the hotel? Seahawks president Tim Ruskell and vice president Ruston Webster. Once inside the hotel, I stood in line at the front desk with a tall man with dark hair. I looked up and it was Seahawks offensive coordinator Greg Knapp. The guy in front of him turned around. It was Seahawks head coach Jim Mora.

That is a personal record for name dropping, but hopefully you get the idea. Walking around these parts is like walking through an NFL theme park.