Jason Hill, Ted Ginn Jr. and 49ers' offense

Re-signing receiver Jason Hill after losing Ted Ginn Jr. to a knee injury should, in theory, affect the speed element within the San Francisco 49ers' offense.

I'm not so sure after watching the 49ers in the regular-season opener at Seattle.

In breaking down the 49ers' personnel use through most of the first half -- I'll finish charting the game Tuesday night -- I've noticed the team using Ginn as its third receiver on third down, and as the lone receiver in its "22" personnel package with two backs and two tight ends (primarily a short-yardage grouping). But I have yet to see the 49ers use three-receiver personnel outside a third-down context (or the 2-minute offense).

As a result, the speed element Ginn offers was not a regular part of the 49ers' offense. The team instead used its familiar "12" personnel grouping with running back Frank Gore, tight ends Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker, plus receivers Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan. That "22" grouping has been a good one for the 49ers, but I thought we might see more "11" personnel on early downs, with Ginn replacing Walker.

Ginn could miss the next couple of games. Hill's experience in the 49ers' offense should make for a smooth transition, but I don't expect the 49ers to use him extensively. Dominique Zeigler figures to get playing time. If the team wasn't going to use three receivers much when Ginn was healthy, why would that change with Zeigler moving up the depth chart?