Gridiron Challenge: Slow climb begins

We're up to more than 3,200 entrants in the ESPN.com Blog Network Gridiron Challenge after more people discovered how easy it would be to defeat the NFC West guy.

I might make you work a little bit.

The "Mike Sando (NFC West)" entry came through with 146 points in Week 2 after an embarrassing Week 1 showing had left my team in the 12.7th percentile.

Respect is earned grudgingly around here, however. My wife taunted me this morning when pointing out that her team leads mine by a few points in the overall standings. This gives me license to mock her team when my team restores order on the fantasy football home front.

It'll take longer to catch AFC North blogger James Walker, a promising Gridiron Challenge rookie currently inhabiting the 99.2 percentile. The AFC East's Tim Graham is pacing himself.

Frank Gore's performance Monday night helped Alex.Levy take the top spot on the Blog Network leaderboard.

Ironman2131_8 had the highest Week 2 total -- 185 points -- in our competition thanks to this lineup: Peyton Manning (22), Jay Cutler (23), Jahvid Best (40), Frank Gore (28), Andre Johnson (21), Randy Moss (9), Antonio Gates (17), Mason Crosby (10) and the Denver defense (15). Well played.