Coordinator comparison: Martz vs. Raye

The San Francisco 49ers' decision to change coordinators -- voluntarily, this time -- sent me back through the game-by-game stats for the sake of comparison.

The chart shows how the 49ers produced on average when Mike Martz was coordinator in 2008 and after Raye took over last season. Stats were down slightly with Raye, as was the winning percentage.

The team allowed fewer sacks per game with Raye, but rushing yards per game were slightly higher with Martz. In fact, the 49ers ran the ball a higher percentage of the time when Martz was coordinator. Game situations dictate tendencies to a large degree and the 49ers did open up their offense once Alex Smith took over last season, but the perception has been that Raye wanted to make the team more run-oriented.

Coordinator Comparison: Martz vs. Raye