Gridiron Challenge: Losing at home

Try this on for a Week 3 fantasy football lineup:

It all added up to 187 points and the highest Week 3 score among more than 3,000 entries in the ESPN.com Blog Network Gridiron Challenge. Well played, Swarming Walruses, although it wasn't enough for a spot on our Top 10 leaderboard through three weeks.

Alex.Levy holds the top spot after scoring 157, 178 and 155 points for a 490-point total. My team? Well, uh, not so good. That 81-spot in Week 1 will take some time to overcome. The key right now is taking care of business on the home front. My wife's team leads mine by 21 points and that is simply unacceptable. She brings it up three or four times a day and it's getting old.

2010 ESPN Blog Network Gridiron Challenge: Week 1