Mora the same: Let's get personal

A microphone issue prevented Fox television viewers from hearing analyst Jim Mora during part of the Washington Redskins-St. Louis Rams broadcast Sunday.

Mora had no such luck during an interview Thursday. What he told ESPN's Doug Gottleib came through loud and clear -- and at Mora's own expense.

This was Mora at his tempestuous worst, easily agitated and prone to unnecessary combativeness. This file features the comments from the Seattle Seahawks' previous coach.

The interview spiraled out of control when Gottleib personalized questions about Michael Vick, suggesting Mora might still have his job as Atlanta Falcons coach if Vick had shown then what he is showing the Philadelphia Eagles now.

"I don't live in the past, pal," Mora said at one point.

"Is this your first interview?" Mora also said.

When Gottleib ended the interview by thanking Mora, the ex-coach closed by saying, "You were a real joy."

Why does it matter what Mora says now? The contrast with the Seahawks' current coach, Pete Carroll, is striking. Carroll is laid-back and shrugs off criticism. The Seahawks wanted to go in a new direction. The personality differences between Carroll and Mora are instructive that way.

I saw irony in Mora's comments to Gottleib about Vick's transformation as a player, specifically as a pocket passer.

"He's more settled, he's more patient, less likely to take off and run," Mora said. "I think he understands the game better. It is a natural development of a quarterback in this league to learn. You are seeing the years and years of education that he has had as a quarterback."

Mora could benefit from being more settled, more patient, less likely to take things personally. It should be a natural development through years of experience dealing with the things coaches deal with, including interviews. So far, though, Mora hasn't been able to suppress his inner bulldog. That'll make it tougher for him to resurface as an NFL head coach.