Warner in his own words: 'This is where I stand'

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

One thing about Kurt Warner: You rarely have to ask him to elaborate. He answers questions fully and completely.

In light of questions raised here earlier, I wanted to pass along a partial transcript from Warner's news conference following his re-signing with the Cardinals. Thanks to the Cardinals' public-relations staff for passing it along:

On if he went to San Francisco to come back and tell the Cardinals, 'This is what is out there':

My agent might have, but that had nothing to do with why I went out there. That is not how it worked. That is the reason why, from the get go, I made it clear that I want to be here and so it wasn't about what's the market value. When I made that trip I had to open myself up to the idea that I am going to go in with an open mind and figure out what's the best place for me.

So I don't even know if Mark [Bartelstein] came back and even told them what the offer was. As I was flying back, I called Mark and said, 'This is what I want to do. This is where I stand. This is where I want to be.' All the rest of the stuff is immaterial. That didn't matter. That was never my intention to take that trip and I don't think that really even played into it because it was more about finding the right place for me and then once I made sure that it was here, then let's get this thing done, let's do what we have to do.

On the reasons that made him decide that Arizona was where he wanted to be:

What we started here and I think the goal of most players is to go to an organization and play their whole career there. Obviously, I played for three, but I think I have to take New York out of there, I guess, knowing what New York was. But when I was with St. Louis, the idea was to start and finish my career there. When I came back here, my goal was to finish my career here.

With what we started and what we've built and the great job coach [Ken Whisenhunt] has done and the Bidwill family has done at building this thing, it made sense to stay here and want to be here and build and finish my career here. That was the mindset, that was the goal, that was the reason.

I think going into this thing I didn't even want to open my mind up to anything else because we felt so strongly about this and then obviously there was a lot of external reasons too, besides just football, where it made sense and what we felt was best for our family. That was obviously the mindset going in and some things may have shifted a little bit during the process, but I don't think it ever got out of our minds that we didn't feel this was the best place for us.

On Anquan Boldin and his impact on this deal and the future:

There is no question that I want Anquan here and I think he makes us better as a football team and I appreciate what he has done and the way he plays this game. But ultimately I knew I had to make the decision that was best for me and there was no contingency plan on any of those other factors. I have talked to 'Q' throughout this process and I've let him know how important he has been to our success and how much I want him around here and I have made that clear to him during this whole process.

Those aren't my decisions to make, but I do hope that we can work something out that works for everybody because I think he has been a huge piece to this puzzle and hopefully he will be moving forward and help us take that next step as well.

On adjusting to the new offensive coaching setup and the loss of coordinator Todd Haley:

Obviously there is a dynamic there that we've got to get comfortable with and figure out. I think one of the things I feel most comfortable about is coach [Whisenhunt] getting back into the mix from that standpoint and calling plays and having been there before and our relationship and the way we are going work together. Obviously knowing Mike [Miller, passing game coordinator], I think Mike is going to do a tremendous job.

But I think that whole dynamic is going to work itself out. Coach [Whisenhunt] and I talked through the process and about what I thought we needed and what he thought we needed. So I have a lot of confidence that the pieces that he put in place are going to benefit us. I am excited knowing the ability in coach to be able to call the plays and to work closely with him and his feel for what we do and what I do. Although we are going to miss Todd, and we are excited about his future I think we are in great hands and I am looking forward to that.

On if he remembers what he was doing in San Francisco when he knew he was meant to be in Arizona:

I do remember. Actually, coach [Mike] Singletary was breaking down his philosophy and his vision for the organization out there. I couldn't help but think everything he is saying is exactly how I feel in regards to the places I have been and how I have tried to impact the organizations I have been at.

But it was at that moment where, however way you put it, I felt God say to me, 'Coach is doing what he needs to do here.' [It was] God basically telling me that is exactly what I want you to do in Arizona. Try to continue to impact that organization the same way that coach Singletary was talking about impacting the 49ers. That is what I want to do is help impact this organization way beyond the football field. I am excited to have two more years to try and do that.