Programming note: The day ahead

I'm boarding a plane for St. Louis and will be traveling much of Saturday.

If you haven't yet predicted outcomes for Week 4 games involving NFC West teams, there's still time.

Speaking of predictions, my preseason educated guesses have fared a little better than a coin toss might have, but not a lot better.

I had the right winners for the Arizona Cardinals' and St. Louis Rams' first three games. Of those, the Rams' victory over the Washington Redskins might have been seen as a bold pick. My predictions for the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers haven't held up as well. Overall, the preseason predictions have been right seven times in 10 games (or eight times in 12 games if you count divisional matchups twice).

A spot on the Wall of Fame awaits those who pick winners and final scores in the "You called it contest" -- but please leave those predictions in the right place (not on this item). Thanks!