You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 5)

The St. Louis Rams were the only NFC West team to win in Week 4.

The San Francisco 49ers, like a few participants in our weekly predictions contest, came very close.

Adam_SEMO had the Rams beating the Seattle Seahawks, 20-6 (actual score: 20-3). Anicra predicted a 41-9 victory for San Diego against Arizona (41-10 actual score). Quite a few people correctly predicted the 49ers' point total (13), but most of them had the Atlanta Falcons winning by a margin greater than the 14-13 final score.

As a result, the Wall of Fame remains intact. We haven't had a winner since 12 people predicted the Cardinals' victory and 17-13 final score against the Rams in Week 1.

Let's give this another try.

Use the comments section of this item to predict winners and scores for the following Week 4 games involving NFC West teams:

Those picking the winner and final score correctly for any of those games earn adulation here and a spot on the Wall of Fame. Those making wise cracks about how Seattle might fare during its bye week should know it's been done once or twice before.

My preseason predictions called for the Saints, 49ers and Rams to win in Week 5. Those predictions have been right for every Rams and Cardinals game to this point in the season. They were wrong on the Seahawks' victories over San Francisco and San Diego, and on the 49ers' defeats to Seattle and Kansas City.