Gridiron Challenge: Starting L.T. pays off

These are entertaining times for the ESPN.com Blog Network Gridiron Challenge fantasy game.

The overall leader through Week 4 (among more than 3,400 entrants) sports a team name taunting our AFC East brother, Tim Graham.

Better Tim than me.

I Own Tim Graham overtook Alex.Levy for the top spot by two points thanks to a 133-point effort in Week 4 (with 30 points from Arian Foster and 26 from Antonio Gates). Alex.Levy also had Foster and Gates, but his decision to start Randy Moss at receiver helped limit his team to 130 points.

"I Own Tim Graham" now leads the overall standings by two points.

The Waveicles moved into third place overall by matching Chris's Crushers for the highest point total from Week 4. Their most fortuitous plays: The Waveicles scored 27 points by starting LaDainian Tomlinson, while Chris's Chrushers picked up 28 points from the New York Giants' defense. The Tomlinson move was especially impressive, I thought.

My team? It also owned Tim Graham's team in Week 4, but only because Tim made the same mistake I made during my first season playing the game (at least more seasoned players told me it was a mistake). Time held onto players during their bye weeks because he didn't want to repurchase their services at higher prices.

My wife's team still leads mine in the overall standings, something I hear about constantly, despite falling short in Week 4 (she started Moss and Andre Johnson).

Meanwhile, AFC North blogger James Walker has found his true calling. His team put up 154 points to improve from 215th place to 28th place. Well done, James. I never would have encouraged you to join the Gridiron Challenge if I'd know my team would tank and yours would dominate.