NFC West roided-out rosters: Updated

Keeping up with roster movement and lineup changes in the NFC West has become a part-time job this season.

Marshawn Lynch in, Julius Jones out. Deion Branch traded. Michael Lewis cut. Mark Clayton to injured reserve. Max Hall into the starting lineup.

My 26-column roided-out rosters, updated and available for download here, can help bring the bigger picture into focus. They'll let you know how NFC West teams compare with the rest of the league in age, positional counts, college conference affiliations and more. They'll let you sort by 2009 roster status, draft status, three position types, age, college, college conference, starting status, games started over the last three seasons, Pro Bowl honors and more. Plus, there's information for former players going back about three years.

The chart shows position counts for NFC West 53-man rosters.

2010 NFC West roster counts