Redding's value tougher to quantify

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Peterson Redding
Trades don't always have winners and losers. Sometimes both teams win. Sometimes both teams lose. I can see why the Lions wanted Julian Peterson. I can see why the Seahawks felt OK parting with Peterson while improving their depth up front.

Jeremy Green of Scouts Inc. declared the Lions a "winner" in this deal when I reached him about an hour ago:

The winner is Detroit. It's a great move for them because you have a guy in Jim Schwartz who is very versatile on defense and has lots of blitz packages.

This team needs playmakers. The Lions had only four interceptions last season. Other than Ernie Sims, they did not have a playmaker on defense. They were one of the more abominable defenses we have seen in recent years.

Detroit gets a guy that can cover and can pressure. When you can pressure, you can get turnovers. I know how Jim Schwartz builds his defense and he wants to build it with a big guy inside, but he has to turn on the tape and say, 'Where is my team speed on defense?' Now your team speed on defense is twice as good as it was.

Redding's appeal to Seattle comes largely through his versatility. I expect him to play a relatively high percentage of snaps from more than one position. Colin Cole and Red Bryant become the nose tackles. Redding and Brandon Mebane become three-technique tackles, along with Craig Terrill (depending on how many defensive linemen Seattle keeps).

Redding can move to end or play the nose on an as-needed basis. He won't be as flashy as Peterson and his contributions won't be as easily analyzed. His addition can still be a "win" for Seattle if the defensive line becomes more formidable.