You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 7)

One silver lining to having no "Silver linings" this week: Victories by NFC West teams in Week 6 gave hopeful fans a better chance of picking winners and final scores in the most recent "You called it" contest.

Lv4Sublime, Joe_Couch and pope_c_hawk predicted the Seattle Seahawks' 23-20 victory against the Chicago Bears, while three others -- egravning, cole barrick 25 and workmantiny -- predicted the St. Louis Rams' 20-17 victory against the San Diego Chargers.

Fifty-five people (or at least people using 55 ESPN.com logins) have predicted winners and final scores correctly for games involving NFC West teams since the contest began during the 2008 season.

Only one, pope_c_hawk, qualifies as a two-time winner, having predicted Tennessee's 20-17 victory against Arizona last season and the Seattle Seahawks' 23-20 victory against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Way to go.

Let's ride the momentum of the division's unbeaten Week 6 by kicking off the Week 7 contest earlier in the week than usual. Simply use the comments section of this item to predict winners and final scores for the following Week 7 games involving NFC West teams:

This stuff is easy. Just ask pope_c_hawk.