GM profiling: Devaney and the tackles

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams need an offensive tackle and presumably will draft one this year. Their general manager, Billy Devaney, broke into the NFL with the Chargers in 1990. He spent a decade with San Diego and has subsequently worked for the 49ers, Falcons and Rams.

The chart shows offensive tackles Devaney's teams have drafted since 1990. Devaney didn't necessarily agree with every selection, of course, but the list should at least provide perspective for future decisions while, possibly, helping us anticipate future choices. Please share if you see patterns that might apply to the 2009 draft.

I started by looking at each of the 30 offensive linemen Devaney's teams have drafted. I then filtered out guards and centers. Linemen such as Leo Goeas played more than one position. I left them off the list if they were primarily guards or centers. John Greco, drafted last year, made the list because he was a tackle and he hasn't played long enough at guard to establish himself at that position.

Devaney's draft history is unusual because his former Chargers boss, Bobby Beathard, frequently traded away first-round choices. That helps explain why Devaney's teams have never drafted a tackle among the top-25 choices.