Mora discusses linebackers, injury avoidance

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

DANA POINT, Calif. -- From Chris Gray to Matt Hasselbeck and others, the 2008 Seahawks' suffered a series of back injuries that negatively affected their season.

WabisabiHawk suggested I ask Seahawks coach Jim Mora if the team found any common denominators to the injuries. I took that question -- and others -- to Mora during the NFC coaches' media breakfast Wednesday at the NFL owners' meeting.

WabisabiHawk: Here's a question for Coach Mora. After the Hawks' hellish injury-ridden season in '08, has he identified anything conditioning-wise that can be addressed to better protect player health? Does he believe the Hawks need a more rigorous conditioning regimen or was last year just a freaky 'Friday the 13th' season?

I didn't ask Mora specifically about the back injuries, although there were a few. Mora pointed to the back injuries in his answer.

Mora: We looked at everything and evaluated all of our techniques -- the lifts we did, the running aspect -- and didn't necessarily identify anything in the program that indicated a reason for the backs. It was just I think a freak thing. They were all different. They all kind of happened a different way. If there was one consistency, then it might have been easier to identify. But there wasn't. They didn't all happen in the weight room. They didn't all happen on the field. They were just kind of different.

Hawkfan0007 wanted to know how Mora felt about the Seahawks' depth at linebacker after trading Julian Peterson to the Lions for Cory Redding.

Mora: We have some work to do, yeah. We have some work to do. But I think we have some good young talent on the team, particularly the two young guys that haven't played much. David Hawthorne and Will Herring are guys that we'll hear from. Of course, we re-signed D.D. Lewis and Lance Laury and feel like those are guys who can go into the game and play. The question is, 'Who is going to play the strong-side linebacker for Julian?' We don't know yet. There is competition there.

I asked several other questions as well. Commissioner Rogers Goodell is about to begin his post-meeting news conference. I've got a column to write and a plane to catch, but I'll be posting to the blog periodically.

Also, Niners cornerback Donald Strickland signed with the Jets, by the way.