Chat wrap: Too many Rams needs

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Thanks to those who contributed to the Thursday chat. Full transcript here. Highlights below.

Plunge (Seattle): Mike, Addicted to your chats, hope ya don't mind all the questions. :) Did you see Leonard Weaver's recent comments that the Seahawk's lockerroom was somewhat divided last year with guys playing for Holmgren and others playing for Mora. Does such an admission surprise you for a veteran team like the Seahawks?

Mike Sando: I learned a long time ago that what one player thinks doesn't always reflect what other players think. Leonard Weaver's perspective isn't one I would take to the bank. The league viewed him differently than he viewed himself during free agency. It's likely Weaver viewed the locker room differently than others viewed it. I thought the coaching situation became a bigger challenge once the team struggled, but it was not the reason the team struggled.

Lou (Wallingford): If the 49ers could find an "impact player" at one position in this year's draft, what position do you think would have the greatest impact on improving them this year?

Mike Sando: Pass rusher would be No. 1, but tackle would be close behind. I think the 49ers would be in great shape if they could find a tackle good enough to supplant Joe Staley on the left side. Under that scenario, Staley would move to right tackle and the 49ers would have their bookends for years to come.

Chris (Mason City, IL): Hey Mike, love the blog. Big Rams fan here. OT is pretty much a lock w/ the number 2 pick, but w/ the rest of their draft picks which side of the ball are they gonna focus on? And, what do you project their 2009-10 record to be? Thanx.

Mike Sando: Thanks. So many needs for this team! The Rams have to strengthen the middle of the defense. As Jim Thomas pointed out, James Butler is the only defensive starter they've added this offseason. He will help shore up the secondary, but Chris Draft is the starting middle linebacker right now. The Rams need to get some size at DT to help Adam Carriker. They need linebacker help. And they also need more firepower at receiver. They don't have enough picks to address their needs.

Chris (Tempe, AZ) [via mobile]: Do you think that the Cards need to look towards defense or try to stabilize the RB position with their first pick?

Mike Sando: The running back would make the more immediate impact. RB is the more pressing need, I think. The Cardinals will need to see how the draft plays out before deciding which position to target at 31. If there's a run on running backs, they might need to target that position earlier. Same with OLB.