Tim Hightower's fumbling in perspective

Tim Hightower's fumbling issues this season wouldn't matter so much if, say, most other running backs lost the ball just as frequently.

The reality, however, is that Hightower has put the ball on the ground more times per carry than any NFL running back with at least 50 attempts this season. Hightower also averages more yards per attempt than any of those backs, one reason the Arizona Cardinals have been reluctant to take him off the field.

The chart ranks players with at least 50 rushing attempts by most fumbles per carry. The information reflects only fumbles during rushing attempts. The San Francisco 49ers' Frank Gore ranks tied for 11th on the list with three such fumbles. He also has one fumble following a reception.

Hightower and Ahmad Bradshaw, from the New York Giants, are the only NFL running backs to lose at least three fumbles this season.

2010 NFL Rushing Fumbles: Weeks 1-7 (min. 50 attempts)