Personnel report: Deeper look at offenses

The San Francisco 49ers' shift to using more "11" personnel with one running back and one tight end stood out in Week 7.

Teams often prefer 11 personnel on third down and in two-minute situations. The 49ers used it more in other situations against Carolina, opening up their running game. Frank Gore carried 12 times for 93 yards from 11 personnel on first and second downs alone. He had only 15 such carries for 45 yards in the 49ers' previous six games this season.

I've charted personnel use for every NFC West team this season and wanted to share some 11 personnel stats across the division.

The Rams have made 11 personnel their preferred choice on second down by a wide margin (injuries have sometimes made it tougher for them to use two tight ends).

Seattle loves 11 personnel on third down while remaining more traditional on first down.

The Arizona Cardinals' totals for 11 personnel lag largely because the team uses four wide receivers more than any team in the division (and more than it has used any other grouping this season).

The chart breaks down 11 personnel use for each NFC West team. I've excluded quarterback scrambles and kneeldowns from rushing totals.

2010 NFC West Weeks 1-7: "11" Personnel