Chat wrap: QB issues and Rams' chances

The St. Louis Rams have a bye in Week 9, but their fans seem energized by Sam Bradford and a 4-4 start to open the season. They were more active than usual during the most recent chat. Transcript here. Highlights below:

Steven (Oceanside, CA): I keep seeing rumors of Donovan McNabb leaving Wasington after the year and landing in Arizona or Minnesota. Would Jed York consider bringing Mcnabb in to San Francisco? Why or why not?

Mike Sando: NFC West teams showed no real interest in McNabb this offseason. Mike Shanahan has apparently soured on McNabb after less than half the season. The Eagles knew McNabb best and they determined they were better off without him. As much as I respect McNabb and think he would upgrade the 49ers' quarterback situation, it's looking like the NFL's opinion of McNabb isn't as high. That could be telling. I think the 49ers would be wise to consider McNabb, were he to become available, simply because they do not appear to have obviously better alternatives. They should try to get the best quarterback they can get. But they already had a chance to get him, and they passed on that chance.

paul (mesa): So here we are midseason and I can remember asking you "if Leniart fails and Andersen fails..." you said "that's alot of if's" and you didn't know but the rest of the Cardinal nation went BERSERK. Asking why you even answered my question and that I didn't know what I was talking about. Now that its "a more appropriate time" to field this question what are your thoughts?

Mike Sando: The Cardinals are an easy target for criticism after cutting Matt Leinart without giving him a chance during the regular season. What would their record be if Leinart would have started the full season? Would they have won at St. Louis? Would they have won at Seattle? Would they have won at Atlanta? Would he have outdueled Josh Freeman? I say they might have won the Tampa Bay game. They might not have won against the Rams, a team that solved Leinart pretty well last season. My thoughts are that the Cardinals would not be worse off with Leinart at quarterback. But they might not be much better off, either.

Andy (Seattle): After watching every Seahawks game this year, I am perplexed at their lack of a screen game. I don't think I can recall a single one? We have some explosive young players at RB and WR, so why not get the ball into their hands quickly and relieve some of the pressure off our make shift offensive line and Hasselbeck who is headed towards a coma with the amount of hits he's taking.

Mike Sando: Matt Hasselbeck has completed 8 of 10 passes for 50 yards and an 87.5 rating on screens this season, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He ranks tied for 24th among NFL quarterbacks in attempted screen passes. He ranks 28th among NFL quarterbacks in yards gained on screen passes. For comparison, the Giants' Eli Manning has completed 14 of 14 passes for 126 yards, one TD and a 128.0 rating on screens. Alex Smith has completed 19 of 24 passes for 217 yards, one TD and a 118.2 rating on screens. Sam Bradford has completed 24 of 25 passes for 210 yards, one TD and a 115.0 rating on screens. Shaun Hill: 17-18 for 193 yards, one TD and a 129.9 rating on screens. Derek Anderson: 7-9, 24 yards, one TD, 116.2 rating. Screens take coordination and Seattle has shuffled its offensive line quite a bit. That could be a factor.

Rams Fan (Illinois): How many games do you think the Rams will win?

Mike Sando: Six or seven, most likely. Let's say they win one of their next two games (at 49ers, home against Falcons). They then play three in a row on the road (Broncos, Cardinals, Saints). Let's say they win none of those. They finish with the Chiefs and 49ers in St. Louis, followed by a trip to Seattle. Let's say the Rams win two of those. They get to 7-9 in that case. But if they do not win one of the next two, how do you see them getting more than six?

The question from Andy regarding the Seahawks' screen game did not appear in the chat transcript because I forgot to submit it. I went back into the queue, found it and added it into the chat wrap.