49ers bracing for Birmingham Stallions

A little levity can only help NFC West fans get through rough patches.

This is the only division, after all, without a winning team heading into Week 10.

David Letterman's regular spoof interviews with a faux San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary continued Monday night on CBS. As SportsBusines Daily notes, Letterman got the interview going by asking how the coach was doing.

Fake Singletary: "It's my pleasure, Jim. By the way, how are Linda and the twins?"

Letterman: "After a big win two Sundays ago over the Broncos you had yesterday off. Do you wish maybe you didn't have that weekend free?"

Fake Singletary: "Week off? Week off? Then who was I coaching in Tampa yesterday?"

Letterman: "You recently replaced Alex Smith with Troy Smith at quarterback. Are you going to stick with him now?"

Fake Singletary: "The first rule of coaching is this: You try to put the best Smith on the field. This is not a philosophy. That is a credo! A credo! Write it down!"

Letterman: "This Sunday you are at home against the St. Louis Rams. It's a big divisional game and the Rams are much better."

Fake Singletary: "I think you need smelling salts, my brother. We're going to Birmingham to play the Stallions."