Power rankings: NFL schedule strength

The earlier item about NFC West schedules in relation to ESPN.com's NFL Power Rankings inevitably led me to crunch the numbers for those other 28 teams as well.

The result: a chart ranking each NFL team by remaining opponents' average power ranking.

Additional columns show how many top 10 and bottom 12 opponents remain on teams' schedules. For example, the Arizona Cardinals face none of the 10 highest-ranked teams. They have seven games against teams ranked among the bottom 12.

The final two columns show average and median victory totals for remaining opponents. For example, the Cardinals' remaining games are against teams with an average of 2.6 victories this season (2.0 median).

Division opponents were counted twice if the teams haven't yet played one another this season.

NFC West teams lag in the rankings, dragging down their own schedule strength and schedule strength of some AFC West teams.

The Carolina Panthers appear doomed by a schedule featuring Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Atlanta (twice) and Tampa Bay.

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