Chat wrap: Questions, answers, proposals

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Would the Cardinals trade Anquan Boldin to the Giants? Should the Rams take a discounted package in return for the second overall choice? Why do Seahawks fans act as though their team is the NFC West favorite every year? How early might the 49ers consider drafting a running back?

These were among the questions considered during our recently completed NFC West chat. Full transcript here. Appetizers below.

HornerJD50, Virginia: Alex Mack is available at pick #31, and both Moreno and Wells are gone, do you see the Cardinals picking Mack or Unger and letting the need for a RB slide into round 2??

Mike Sando: Ken Whisenhunt has said he thinks Lyle Sendlein can become a very good center. That surprised me some, but you have to figure the Cardinals know offensive linemen pretty well. Either that or they have too much faith in Russ Grimm to work miracles. Or they are possibly blowing smoke before the draft. I do not get that vibe in this case, though.

Cyrus (San Francisco, CA): Why haven't the 49ers considered Tyson Jackson at 10? Too high? Obviously they need pass-rush, but you'd think Lawson and Haralson benefit with a big 3-4 end taking up blockers...

Mike Sando: First, we do not know whether the 49ers have considered him at 10 or any other spot. But I do think you raise a good question here. Through their actions in free agency, the 49ers have told us they expect to realize more of their previous draft choices' potential. Lawson must be near the top of that list. Scot McCloughan expected Lawson to become a player opposing quarterbacks had to account for in critical situations. Perhaps Lawson can finally become that player. We haven't seen it so far. As for the big 3-4 end, they drafted Kentwan Balmer last year. He needs to develop.

patrick (STL): mike- solid work as always on your blog. lots of chatter here that rams might be targeting sanchez as new franchise QB. i have been leaning towards smith/curry but gotta say he really intrigues me and to echo gil brandt- never pass up on a franchise QB especially when thinking long term and bulger def on the downside of his career. what do you think Mike?

Mike Sando: Sanchez seems to have the buzz machine working overtime these days. Suddenly all 32 teams can't wait to draft him! I'm skeptical. If the Rams go that route, they'll have Marc Bulger as a lame duck in 2009, and possibly without a starting-caliber tackle to protect him. It just doesn't make sense financially or need-wise.

Hyman (rochester, ny): Sando, Now that we are two weeks away and we have reviewed all of the different scenarios for Seattle at #4, it strikes me that they are not going to spend that kind of money for a player that will only see the field if an injury takes place. That would eliminate Stafford/Sanchez and either of the O-Tackles. Since the draft talk started, regardless of position, the two best players have consistently been Crabtree on Offense and Curry on Defense. Doesn't Seattle have to take Curry and if he is gone take Crabtree? They both would get enough playing time this year to justify the contract. What do you think?

Mike Sando: I really like your reasoning. The Seahawks could still go in another direction, but your thought process makes a great deal of sense from my perspective.

Thanks again for dropping by. We also discussed another way to re-seed the draft order. We'll break out that one for discussion in a separate post.