Gridiron Challenge: 'sandowife' joins elite

The ESPN.com Blog Network Gridiron Challenge has already entered Week 10.

That doesn't buy me an out for Week 9.

My wife's team lucked its way into 152 points, putting to shame James Walker, Tim Graham and me while surging into the 96.9th percentile. There's not much more to say.

She's still talking smack about her recent dominance, and that is fine, but trouble could be on the way.

We were talking about Week 10 lineups recently and I didn't say anything when she told me Austin Collie was in her lineup (she admittedly doesn't follow the NFL all that closely). Yes, I know Collie isn't playing after suffering a concussion last week. Yes, a husband should help out his wife. But she's going to have to read about it here. No gimmes. Here's hoping Collie remains in her lineup.

For now, I've got Frank Gore and Sam Bradford going in Week 10. I cut Gore during the 49ers' bye week and allotted $7.2 million of my $50 million salary -- an badly inflated figure -- to get him back. That meant making dollars stretch elsewhere. Bradford came at reasonable price. He was cheaper than Ben Roethlisberger, who hasn't put up big points recently.

Watching my other running back, Michael Turner, score only three points Thursday night did not help. Could be a rough week. Might need to tweak the lineup again before Sunday (update: already tweaked, with Eli Manning replacing Bradford and Jahvid Best replacing Gore -- for now).

Side note: Some teams began collecting points for Week 10 when Atlanta and Baltimore played Thursday night. That made it tougher to recreate standings through Week 9. As of Thursday night, "I Own Tim Graham" was leading not only the more than 3,600 teams in the Blog Network portion of the challenge, but the much larger overall Gridiron Challenge.

2010 ESPN.com Blog Network Gridiron Challenge: Weeks 1-8