Niners, Cardinals face easiest roads late

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Strength of schedule has its limitations, but it's still a powerful indicator when used correctly. I wanted to pass along a few NFC West-related nuggets from ESPN Stats & Analysis:

The 49ers' final eight games are against opponents with a .340 winning percentage last season, lowest for any team's final eight games. The Cardinals' schedule strength over the final eight games stands at .344, second-easiest in the league.

Arizona's final four games are against teams with a .234 winning percentage last season, lowest in the league. Consecutive games against the Rams and Lions affected the rate significantly. The 49ers face the Rams and Lions in consecutive weeks to end the regular season, but they also drew the Cardinals and Eagles among their final four opponents.

Perhaps it's time to do something on how easy NFC West teams have it when it comes to NFL scheduling. On the other hand ...