Sneak peek at Seahawks' failed plunge

Matt Hasselbeck's career as a quarterback sneaker probably ended Sunday.

The Seattle Seahawks' veteran passer suffered cracked bones in his left wrist during an unsuccessful -- and unsightly -- plunge over the left side on fourth-and-1. Hasselbeck rolled over the left side of his line, falling to the ground for no gain.

I've never considered Hasselbeck to be an effective sneaker. At his best, the Seahawks had the offensive line and running backs to convert in those situations. Seattle's offensive line isn't overpowering opponents this season. Marshawn Lynch has zero yards on 11 goal-to-go rushes, for example. The team has had injury issues at fullback, where Michael Robinson isn't a traditional blocking back, anyway.

The Seahawks do not feel good about their prospects in short-yardage situation. By my count, Seattle has used three-receiver personnel 12 times in 21 snaps from third- or fourth-and-1, including five times in the team's last seven opportunities.

Still, running Hasselbeck on a sneak made little sense because Hasselbeck was coming off a concussion, and he was facing an Arizona defense featuring Adrian Wilson, a big hitter. He probably wasn't going to charge into the defensive front with all his might.

Coach Pete Carroll suggested he erred in making or approving the call.

The Seahawks have attempted only three quarterback sneaks with Hasselbeck since the 2008 season, according to ESPN Stats & Information. They converted twice.

The chart shows quarterbacks with at least 10 attempts, with sneaks defined as quarterback non-scrambles up the middle on third- or fourth-and-1.

2008-2010 NFL Quarterback Sneakers