Mailbag: Anquan Boldin trade talk edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Branden from Scottsdale writes: Hey Mike, I wanted to get in on the Bolding discussion. I have read articles and comments from cities across the league that feel their team is "destined" to land Boldin.

A few thoughts …

1) The Cardinals are in the position of power. We can keep Boldin for two more years and let him play out his contract, or we can trade him for what we believe to be fair market value ... they are not going to trade him or cut him like the Cowboys with T.O.

2) Why would we trade him to ANY NFC team? I would trade him to an AFC team like the Titans who we play this year before I traded him to the Eagles where this season he isn't on our schedule, but we could meet them in the playoffs.

3) If I were the Cardinals, I would look to teams that have picks that we would want, but also maybe a starter in return...an OLB, DT, TE, LT, etc...Thoughts?

Mike Sando: First, great hearing from you, Branden. We'll have to get together again for some tailgating down there in Glendale once the season gets going.

On Boldin, some of this could hinge on whether the Cardinals think he can maintain a high level of performance for the long haul based on his playing style. He did miss games this past season.

It's looking like a given, I think, that the Cardinals are not going to satisfy Boldin's contract demands relative to what Larry Fitzgerald is making. Boldin's trade value might never be higher. If you're going to lose him after a couple years anyway, then you need to decide whether this is the time to get something in return.

Keeping Boldin would still make sense. He has meant a great deal to the team. At the same time, Fitzgerald has clearly passed him in importance to the Cardinals, so the team does have viable options beyond keeping Boldin.

Chris from New York writes: Hey Sando, read the Boldin article about potential destinations. Any chatter or possibility of the Colts looking to replace Marvin with Anquan? (please if there's a God...)

Mike Sando: I have a hard time thinking the Cardinals would send him to the Colts. Indy is on the Cardinals' schedule this season. Boldin would catch 100 balls from Manning. I don't think Bill Polian would want to trade away draft choices for a player, then hand lots of money to that player.

Tank from Chicago writes: Is there any way the Bears can make Boldin a part of their team? I don't see it, but maybe if they include Urlacher and/or get in 3 team deal.

Mike Sando: The Bears already traded away significant draft capital to the Broncos in the Jay Cutler trade. Their hands would appear tied on this one.

Adam from Mesa writes: What about Boldin for Suggs? Boldin would go out of conference and we would get a premiere pass rusher. The Ravens get a solid reciever and new best friend for Flacco.

Mike Sando: The Ravens do appear to be one of the likely suitors for Boldin. Adding Suggs would mean signing him to a long-term deal -- ahead of Adrian Wilson, the heart and soul of the defense -- so that is something to consider.

Nolan from Philadelphia writes: Any chances the Cards package Boldin in a deal to the Panthers for Peppers? I'm sure Arizona could use Peppers? Maybe make a 3 team deal so Peppers will go to a team he wants to play for?

Mike Sando: That doesn't seem likely to me based on the contracts that would be involved. Would the Cardinals really want to pay Peppers that kind of money?

Paco from Hermosillo, Mexico writes: Hi Sando, thanks for your great work...I have to disagree with Mr. Williamson, to say there are 10 or 12 WR better than Anquan Boldin sounds like an east coast guy who doesn't watch Cardinals games. let me guess, he is going to say he is injury prone, because he missed some games last season (only after a brutal hit by the Jets safety). he can struggle against top CB, just like Steve Smith was shut down by DRC in the playoffs, but that doesn't mean he is not a top guy...

of course he is not better than Fitz, but who is? Boldin is not the fastest of course, but he is tough, a great third down receiver, a great red zone receiver. all he does is catch balls, get first downs and TD's if that is not good enough for you, or if Mr. Williamson can come up with a list of 12 players who are better at that than Boldin I can't wait to see it.

just one reminder: Boldin has been this good since his rookie season, before Fitzgerald and before Warner. He is far more than a system WR, he was a Pro Bowler with Jeff Blake as his QB...

I think the Cardianls can benefit from trading him, but with Warner being the QB, this passing offense can put up sick numbers. balance is good, but so were the 2007 Patriots (didn't win the SB but that offense was something), this team can be great with Boldin, Fitz, Warner and a first round RB, taking early leads and playing super aggresive deffense... GO CARDINALS

Mike Sando: Appreciate the feedback, as always, and I appreciate your point of view. It's always a bonus when we can recall the Jeff Blake era in Arizona. Not to be mistaken for the Tom Tupa era. Or the Gary Hogeboom era.