Mailbag: Boldin fallout continues

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Chris from Denver writes: Mike, Anquan Boldin is getting a little ridiculous. He signed his contract. Granted, the market has changed, but to call out your coach and management seems petty. What are the chances AZ will trade him? This type of act can cause division in the locker room, god knows the Cards don't need that. What are your thoughts on the situation? The next Chad Johnson?

Mike Sando: The Cardinals are betting on cooler heads prevailing. They know Boldin isn't a prima donna. They know Boldin doesn't want to be viewed as just another whiny and disgruntled receiver. The Cardinals have been betting on Boldin becoming the same old professional Anquan once the season begins. At that point, players have a harder time lodging public complaints about matters such as these. Would Boldin let this situation affect wins and losses? That has not been his style.

This latest outburst strikes me as a calculated move. This wasn't Boldin popping off to beat reporters in the locker room after practice. He went on NFL Network.

Boldin's complaints would have wider-reaching ramifications in the locker room if the Cardinals weren't willing to pay their players top dollar. This organization has stepped up to pay Larry Fitzgerald, Edgerrin James, Chike Okeafor and others. Boldin has three years left on his deal. That is the big issue here. The Cardinals don't want to get in the habit of tearing up deals with three years remaining. They want to work out a deal on their terms, not his terms. That is probably their perogative given how much time remains on Boldin's deal.

Kevin from San Diego writes: Sando - Great work on insights with the NFC west. In light of the news with Boldin in AZ, [Seahawks president Tim] Ruskell has to be paying some attention. Now, before you completely shut me down, what are the chances we get into serious talks with the Cards about Boldin? We've given a 1st round for Branch. Why not for Boldin? I know you've been bombarded with this before, but just give us some hope that there might be a chance...thanks.
Mike Sando: The Seahawks traded a prominent receiver within the division, but Darrell Jackson wasn't Anquan Boldin. I'd be stunned if the Cardinals traded Boldin to their primary division rival. Repeat, stunned. They would have to get tremendous value in return.

Andrew from Cave Creek, Ariz., writes: Sando, do you think the Cardinals could get a 1st round pick for Anquan if he has a solid season and goes uninjured?
Mike Sando: The price for veteran receivers can vary wildly. The Raiders could get only a fourth-round choice for Randy Moss because everyone knew Moss had no future in Oakland, and there were questions about Moss' commitment.

A productive Boldin would seem to carry more value, but any deal would likely be contingent on Boldin working out a new long-term contract with his new team. I would give up a first-round choice for Boldin because a happy Boldin is the type of player and person a franchise can build around. That is tough to find at the receiver position.

Lee from Mesa, Ariz., writes: Why is it that only NEGATIVE articles are printed about the Cardinals? I'm sick of this. First , a QB situation, next a WR who's being a SPOILED brat. I know you have a job to speculate, but this reader and football fan is getting sick of all the negative print about the Arizona Cards. (Mr. Bidwill, give it back and remove the curse, please?)
Mike Sando: I take it as a good sign when we have a Cardinals fan with passion hitting the mailbag. Seahawks and 49ers fans dominate this mailbag. As for the points you raised: The quarterback situation isn't a negative story at all. The Cardinals have enviable depth there. Their top two quarterbacks would probably start for the 49ers. If you are talking about those other quarterback stories -- the ones about a certain former USC quarterback enjoying the occasional party -- we moved on from that a long time ago.