Eagles less likely to consider Boldin trade?

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Eagles' move to acquire left tackle Jason Peters from the Bills could make Philadelphia a less likely destination for Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin.

Based on likely terms, completing the trade would leave the Eagles with only one first-round choice and no choice in the fourth round. The Cardinals could be seeking as much as a first- and third-round choice for Boldin, although they have not said so publicly.

Working strictly off the draft chart, the Bills would surge into fourth place among teams with the most firepower in terms of tradeable draft capital. The Lions, Rams and Broncos comprise the top three. However, the trading chart might be overvaluing the top few selections.

Still, the Bills would become one of three teams with an extra first-round choice in 2009. The Lions and Broncos already hold two first-round picks. The Browns, Dolphins and Giants each have two second-round choices. The Patriots have three. Kansas City, Washington, San Diego, New Orleans and Tampa Bay do not have second-round picks in 2009.

Dallas, Chicago and Carolina do not have first-round choices this year. Baltimore, reportedly a suitor for Boldin, ranks 23rd in terms of tradeable draft capital, based on the value chart.

The Ravens have six choices, one in every round but the seventh. The Giants, who are also in the market for a receiver, have an extra pick in each of the second, third and fifth rounds. The extra third-rounder, 100th overall, is a compensatory choice and therefore not tradeable.