The day ahead: Bound for Big Easy

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Seahawks will certainly take the late kickoff at New Orleans given difficulties associated with early kickoffs for West Coast teams.

I'm liking the late kickoff as well.

I've got a projected 16-minute layover in Memphis before connecting to New Orleans, so there's a chance I'll be staying in Tennessee overnight (showing up on Paul Kuharsky's AFC South doorstep at 1 a.m. sounds like a good idea, come to think of it).

The late kickoff for the Seahawks-Saints game means there's still plenty of time to make it to the Superdome on Sunday. This trip marks the first weekend of holiday travel, however, and a potential snowstorm in Seattle early next week could complicate efforts to get home.

Could be quite the holiday road trip.

Enjoy your Saturday. I'll check in as time, weather and itinerary permit.