Weaver breaks down Forsett -- on YouTube

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Like NFL draft analysts, Seattle fullback Leonard Weaver took one look at Justin Forsett and wondered if the diminutive rookie running back could make it in the NFL. Unlike NFL draft analysts -- as far as we know, anyway -- Weaver went straight to YouTube for skills verification.

"I was like, 'Man, I wonder how good this guy really is,'" Weaver said after Forsett finished the team's most recent exhibition game with 261 all-purpose yards. "I kind of questioned it. I went and YouTubed it and I'm like, 'Oh. OK, he's all right!'"

The Seahawks list Forsett at 5-foot-8 and 194 pounds. The 5-8 part appears generous. Weaver is 6-0 and 242. He was also generous, answering a few questions about Forsett, life without Shaun Alexander and his new teammates.

Sando: What did you see on YouTube?

LW: Man, I saw a lot of Cal runs on there. He was breaking tackles. I'm like, 'Man, this little guy is doing all of this?' And it was really good to see.

Sando: But did you spell his name right the first time you searched for him?

LW: I did. I've been taking him under my wing a little bit. I spelled his name right and it showed up.

Sando: So you basically break down film online now?

LW: (laughing) I'm going to do film study online. I'm going to type in Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher. We going to study everybody.

Sando: What impresses you about Forsett?

LW: First of all, his speed. He has elusive speed. He goes from zero to 10 miles per hour within the matter of a step. He is very elusive and aware. He has great awareness on the field, as you could see tonight. On a couple of runs, he knew where those guys were and he made big plays.

Sando: Forsett isn't the only new running back. Shaun Alexander and Mack Strong were in those meeting rooms for years. Both are gone.

LW: It has totally changed. The room is different. However, right now we have an awesome group of guys. Not only at the fullback position, but we got guys like Forsett, Julius Jones, T.J. Duckett and Mo Morris, who has been here. So man, we got a great group. When you leave something great, it brings you something greater. It's been a blessing.

Sando: Did you anticipate things going so well?

LW: Not really. It was kind of one of those things where, as a player, you get anxious about meeting the guys. But when we first met, all of us, from that point on we knew it was going to be one of those dynamic groups. As you could see [Saturday night], Justin Forsett just lit it up. He just had an awesome game and that goes back to the offensive linemen and the fullback who helped him get there. I tell you, the kid is just amazing.

Sando: You have shown improvement this summer. What is the difference?

LW: Just being a confident player in what I am and what I can do. That has been half of the story. I've been working on those things I've needed to work on. For instance, last year I struggled in my pass [protection] and during the offseason that was one of my focuses. Obviously, I did pretty decent in my run blocking and I thought that was an area I needed to improve in, too. Those are two of my key points coming in this year and it's been good so far.

Sando: What is the key for a running back to succeed in pass protection?

LW: Just being able to keep your feet running, keep your hands up, knowing when to shoot. And then nine times out of 10, it's really knowing your opponent. Knowing what he likes to do, knowing what kind of player he is, and that helps you all the way.