AllNight audio: Holmgren, 49ers and more

You've probably heard the usual names associated with any potential San Francisco 49ers coaching search.

Jon Gruden stands out to me as an attractive potential candidate. He's an offensive-minded head coach who values the running game and has won without an elite quarterback. Gruden is also a big name with credibility in the Bay Area, qualities that couldn't hurt the 49ers' efforts to build a new stadium.

But what about Mike Holmgren?

For years, any 49ers coaching chatter has generally warranted at least a mention of the former Seattle and Green Bay head coach whose NFL career began under Bill Walsh in San Francisco. Holmgren is currently president of the Cleveland Browns, but he has hinted about a potential return to the sideline. If the Browns finish well enough for Eric Mangini to keep his job, where would that leave Holmgren?

ESPN's Jason Smith and I discussed that subject and others relating to the NFC West during our weekly conversation Tuesday night.