A couple more thoughts on Mark Sanchez

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Just a couple more tidbits on the Mark Sanchez front as NFC West teams -- primarily the Seahawks -- potentially consider whether to draft the USC quarterback in the first round:

Draft analyst Rob Rang, speaking to Dave Mahler of KJR radio in Seattle, doesn't think Sanchez fits the profile for Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell.

Rang: I know that Mark Sanchez has to be part of the discussion at the fourth overall pick. but as talented as he is and as much as much I would argue that quarterback should be an area of concern for this team, if you look at Tim Ruskell's history, going with the types of players he has, the experience he requires from his picks, it just doesn't compute.

If he goes with Mark Sanchez, I'll applaud the pick because I think he's worthy of the selection, but at the same time, Ruskell's history goes with a safer pick. That's why I've been going with Aaron Curry.

Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. thinks the Seahawks will draft Sanchez. Like Rang, he thinks the fit would be good for both parties.

Muench: I can't seem to find my crystal ball here, but I think Sanchez will end up with the Seattle Seahawks and playing behind Matt Hasselbeck for a year, possibly two. Giving him that time to get comfortable with his new offense/teammates/coaches and adjust to the speed of the NFL game will put him in position to succeed, and I think he develops into an excellent NFL quarterback in that kind of environment.

However, I think he struggles if he somehow ends up on the New York Jets' roster, which seems unlikely at this point, but can't be ruled out. The Jets play in a big market, they play in a tough conference and they need a starter right away. If Sanchez struggles early, the media there will most likely skewer him.

Rang is forecasting Aaron Curry to the Seahawks at No. 4. If the Seahawks do draft Sanchez, I think the reasoning will go along these lines: The team couldn't find a player it valued at No. 4. Sanchez plays the one position that can influence a franchise more than any other. Yes, it's a risk, but if this one works out, the franchise could be set at quarterback for 10 years.