Mailbag: Follow draft via Twitter, Facebook

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

U.K. from Santa Clara writes: You don't twitter Mr. Sando?

Mike Sando: To the contrary, U.K. Subscribers to the NFC West blog Twitter feed receive alerts with links every time a blog entry posts. They also receive any other updates I send out via Twitter. The NFC West Twitter feeds also land on our Facebook page, which some prefer to Twitter. I'll be sending picks through Twitter and onto Facebook by extension for draft fans roped into less important obligations such as friends, family and employment.

Dr. Hunt from Stafford, Va., writes: How in the hell do you have Eugene Monroe going in front of Jason Smith? What point were you trying to make?

Mike Sando: The basic point is that I do not know. You do not know. Nobody outside the Rams knows. I think the Rams need a starting tackle. Monroe would qualify as the starter in St. Louis right away.

As I said on ESPNEWS a bit ago, the Rams have needs throughout their roster, but the new coaching staff wants to build from the inside out, and that means starting along the lines. Monroe and Brown fit the profile as offensive tackles with the talent to help the Rams replace what they lost when they said goodbye to Orlando Pace this offseason.

I sent Monroe to St. Louis in our divisional bloggers' mock draft Wednesday, but I'm writing that one in pencil because the Rams do have so many needs and Brown would also make sense for them.

In the end, I think the Rams have too much money invested in Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson to risk not getting a starter on the offensive line in this draft. And to get a starter for sure, you're probably going to have to take one in the first round. The value isn't great, but that's how all these teams feel at the top of the draft.

Ian from Ocean Shores: If a trade is made by KC and a team takes Sanchez at 3, then the Hawks will grab Curry. If no trade is made, I think Seattle should take Crabtree. He can help right away where Sanchez will be holding a clipboard for a few years.

Mike Sando: Your logic appears sound.

Calvin from Daly City, Calif., writes: I think it would be great if the 49ers can get Michael Oher in round 1 and Pat White in round 2. Solidify the line and get a potential QB/playmaker. The 49ers do have a history of drafting college QB's who play other positions (Arnaz Battle, Michael Robinson). Pat White would be an awesome Wildcat QB.
Mike Sando: Thomas Clayton can play the Wildcat role. I'm not a big fan of drafting quarterbacks known for things other than playing quarterback. Teams must throw the ball proficiently to win the big games, usually. The 49ers need to find someone who can handle the fundamentals of quarterbacking.

Kaleo from San Jose writes: Sando great work!! I am really nervous about Gore holding up in the "pound the rock" offense we are gearing up for...with this being said why are there limited talks about the 49ers getting a RB day one of the draft? Would you agree that Patrick Chung, William Moore would end up being our starter at SS since Michael Lewis has been far from productive ... ZERO pick?

Mike Sando: Thanks, Kaleo. I think the 49ers feel as though they can get another year from Lewis. They are looking to develop Dashon Goldson at free safety. I think your fears on Gore are merited. The 49ers should not overreact; Gore probably remains a tough, effective back with a few more good years ahead of him. But I wouldn't argue against drafting a complementary back and potential successor in the first three rounds.

Drew from Buffalo writes: Sando, I had a nightmare that espn reported the Cards FO are only asking a 2nd for Boldin. That would be the dumbest trade I've seen in a long long while. If that's all you are going to get then why even trade him?!?!?!? If this move happens, I'm calling for Graves' head. I want him out if this trade goes through. Am I overreacting?
Mike Sando: I think you can relax. I'd be surprised if the Cardinals traded Boldin for a second-round choice at this point. More likely, Boldin will remain with Arizona through the draft and for the foreseeable future. They wouldn't mind moving him for the right price, but they are not going to dump him on the cheap, in my view.

Kurt from Ohio writes: Tim Graham posted that the patriots are trying to trade into the top 10 with an offer of the 25th and 47th picks. I see this as a good trade for the 49ers. It comes up about 100 points short according to the trade value chart, but the niners have needs at many positions. I'm praying they make the trade! What do you think?
Mike Sando: That move would make sense for the 49ers if they could get a right tackle at No. 25 instead of using a top-10 pick for one, which is a little high.