Tim Hasselbeck analyzes Bradford, big bro

Tim Hasselbeck's conversation with Bob Stelton of 101ESPN St. Louis counts as a must-listen for those seeking insights on Sam Bradford and, more tellingly, what's happening with Tim's brother in Seattle.

Matt Hasselbeck is coming off a rough game against San Francisco, fueling questions about his future beyond this season. Even after Bradford and the St. Louis Rams suffered through a tough game against New Orleans on Sunday, it was difficult to argue against Bradford as the top quarterback in the division (even though Alex Smith has better stats).

"Yeah, I do agree with that," Tim Hasselbeck told Stelton. "It has evolved to that. ... If I am a player in the NFC West, I am looking at it saying I think Sam Bradford is going to dominate the NFC West for a long time."

Tim Hasselbeck's thoughts on his older brother included the following nuggets:

  • With the possible exception of Mike Williams, Matt Hasselbeck is probably the best offensive player on the roster. He has never been in that position previously and he's never been good enough to carry an offense. These were frank comments from Tim Hasselbeck, but 100 percent accurate. We're seeing some limitations on Matt Hasselbeck in terms of making those around him better. Give him the right supporting cast and he can take your team a long way. But he isn't going to carry a team.

  • Matt Hasselbeck would have no trouble finding a starting job elsewhere. Tim Hasselbeck said several teams feel good about their overall talent and think they could add a "point guard" at quarterback to make the offense work. Tim Hasselbeck mentioned Arizona specifically.

  • Matt Hasselbeck wants to remain in Seattle. That's no surprise. He's enjoyed some good years in Seattle. His family is established in the area. Moving wouldn't be fun. If the Seahawks do decide to move on at the position, I could see Hasselbeck finding work within the division. He could stay on the West Coast and possibly benefit from playing against defenses he knows well.

Seattle fans in particular should appreciate this interview.