NFC West Penalty Watch: Ejection notes

Justin Smith's disqualification from the San Francisco 49ers' game against San Diego on Thursday night marked the first for an NFC West player since 2005.

Officials ejected Damione Lewis, then with the St. Louis Rams, from a 2005 game. Two more Rams, Tommy Polley and Orlando Pace, suffered ejections in 2004.

No other players have suffered disqualifications for current NFC West teams since at least 2001, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

A quick look at NFC West disqualifications since 2001:

  • Smith, 2010, Week 15: The 49ers' defensive end shoved umpire Garth DeFelice's arm away while DeFelice separated players following a play. Smith said he didn't realize it was an official making contact with him.

  • Lewis, 2005, Week 7: Replays showed the defensive tackle punching New Orleans center LeCharles Bentley in the groin area during the Rams' 28-17 victory over the Saints.

  • Pace, 2004, Week 10: Pace made contact with side judge Don Carlsen during a fracas involving Rams and Seattle Seahawks players. The Rams won the game, 23-12.

  • Polley, 2004, Week 15: Polley shoved Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Russell Davis in the face while Davis was standing on the sideline without his helmet during the fourth quarter. Trash talk escalated when Davis tapped Polley's helmet.

These were the only four ejections I could find by searching for fouls listed as disqualifications.

I recall Cardinals offensive lineman Elton Brown drawing an ejection for bumping an official during a 2009 exhibition game. Back in 1998, officials ejected 49ers defensive lineman Bryant Young for twice retaliating against allegedly dirty tactics used by Kyle Turley, then with the Saints.