More touches coming for Seattle receivers

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren plans to "force-feed" the ball to receivers not named Jordan Kent in the upcoming exhibition game. Holmgren has nothing against Kent. He simply thinks the former Oregon receiver has gotten a disproportionate number of passes thrown his way this summer.

Courtney Taylor, arguably the most promising young receiver on the roster, hasn't caught a pass in either exhibition game. Seventeen Seattle players have caught passes in those two games, but Taylor hasn't caught one -- even though he was the starter last week. Holmgren:

"Hopefully, I can get some touches to players who haven't touched the ball very much. Jordan Kent has had some touches and he has become a media darling only [because] he's gotten more opportunities. I want to see Courtney [Taylor] touch the ball, Ben [Obomanu] touch the ball. I think they're just as capable. We have to sort that out. So we're going to try and force-feed that just a little bit to see how we're going to line up the first game."

The disparity of opportunities jumped out during a quick look through the official gamebooks for Seattle's first two exhibition games.

The play-by-play lists intended receivers for each pass, when readily identifiable. Kent showed up as the intended target four times in the exhibition opener and seven times in the second exhibition game. Taylor's name showed up zero times in the opener and twice in the second game, including one near-miss that might have produced a long touchdown pass.

These are hardly official totals, but they do support what Holmgren is suggesting. Holmgren's comments also let us know we shouldn't read too much into preseason reception totals. James Williams, Alex Bannister, Jason Willis, Jerheme Urban and Maurice Mann have led Seattle's wide receivers in preseason receptions over the years.