Snyder: Redskins should've beaten Hawks

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The passion Daniel Snyder brings to owning the Redskins comes through in an interview he granted to the Wall Street Journal. A passage of interest to Seattle fans:

WSJ: [Joe] Gibbs's tenure wasn't the same as it was the first time around when he led the team to the Super Bowl. What do you make of that? Did his time pass?

Snyder: No, I think if you look in the last three years we made the playoffs twice. We got close. We should have beaten Seattle two of those years and I think we would have had a lot of fun playing Dallas. But I think we just didn't finish. We got close but didn't finish. It's a shame that Joe felt that at 67 he needed to retire again. He just felt that he couldn't give it everything, the commitment.

Snyder also touches on his relationship with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The two vacation together with their wives during the offseason. Snyder also explains what he likes about first-year coach Jim Zorn.

For the record, the Seahawks posted 20-10 and 35-14 playoff victories over the Redskins since the 2005 season. Seattle led comfortably most of the 20-10 victory after the 2005 season. The Redskins held a 14-13 lead in the fourth quarter of the 35-14 defeat after last season.