Matt Williamson's NFC West team needs

With the regular season nearing its end, I've reached out to Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. for his thoughts on where NFC West teams should target their resources this offseason.

Williamson maintains charts for every team in the league listing their needs in order. He passed along his latest version for NFC West teams. He was torn between whether to list quarterback or offensive line as the top priority for Seattle, noting that the team doesn't know enough about Charlie Whitehurst.

The 49ers' No. 2 need, nose tackle, reflects the potential departure of Aubrayo Franklin as a free agent this offseason. Williamson moved up outside linebacker into the No. 2 spot for the Rams after having that position ranked third previously.

The top three needs for Arizona are problematic, in my view, given that the team has invested high draft choices in each position recently. Quarterback Matt Leinart and left tackle Levi Brown where Top 10 picks. Cody Brown, a second-round choice in 2009, should have helped the situation at outside linebacker.


2011 NFC West team needs: Matt Williamson's take

The numbers atop each column reflect where each team need ranks in Williamson's eyes. They are not associated with projected draft rounds.