Chat wrap: Cardinals and Kevin Kolb

As usual, we solved every problem for every NFC West team in the latest chat. Transcript here. Highlights below:

Derrik (AZ): The more I think Coach Whiz will be under the gun next year due to a drop off in fan support here in the Valley, I really believe he can convince the owners to go aggressive after Kevin Kolb. Coach will not want his future tied to an unproven QB draft pick with a washed-up backup behind him. Now, I hope he can convince Andy Reid that their high second-round pick with other lower pick or picks will be enough, because the Cards really need to keep their high No. 1 pick this year to fill a huge hole at OLB or tackle. Thanks.

Mike Sando: If I'm the Eagles, I'm holding out for a first-round pick on Kevin Kolb. Michael Vick has worn down physically in recent weeks because he has taken quite a bit of punishment. Can he hold up as a 16-game starter? The Eagles would be in strong position next season with both players. If they can get a first-rounder for Kolb, great, go for it. But I see no reason for them to sell Kolb at a discount. You are probably right about the drop-off in fan support looming in 2011. We'll see if they can keep that non-blackout streak alive.

nwdave (Tacoma): Considering the way the Seahawks' season is wrapping up, would you consider the first year of the Schneider/Carroll regime a step forward, a step back, or a punt? They made so many roster changes it seems like we didn't really improve at all. Is that just the product of instituting a new scheme and adjusting the personnel accordingly?

Mike Sando: They started over in a lot of ways. This season was a step forward when they were 4-2 and showing signs of improvement. I think they lost whatever ground they gained in the second half of the season, but along the way they also gained knowledge that will help them formulate plans for 2011 and beyond. Ultimately, this season feels like a step backward because of how the team is finishing and because the quarterback situation remains the same.

MyrtleBeach49erFan (Myrtle Beach, S.C.): Mike, how do you see the fans reacting when we promote Trent to GM, and end up with a no-name coach? Adam Schefter says Harbaugh will not end up in SF. Also hear that Gruden is not an option. How do the Niners parade out Jed York telling us fans that big chages are coming, when there seems to be no real change coming. What is wrong with this team? Thanks, and Go Rams...would love to see them do some damage in the playoffs. (this from a Niner Fan)

Mike Sando: The fan base will react negatively if that happens. We need to see to what extent Jed York preserves his own comfort at the possible expense of organizational advancement, whether or not he's aware of the trade-off. I think Jed York has the best interests of the 49ers at heart, but I also know he has not demonstrated an ability to run a franchise well to this point.

Blake (LA): Huge Rams fan here, and I hope they win the division next year. I looked at their schedule though and it is not going to help them at all. It was one of the toughest schedules I've seen in awhile. I do not remember exactly who they play but it was mostly top tier teams. What are your thoughts on it? Thanks for the chat!!

Mike Sando: It's a little early to read too much into the upcoming schedules, Blake. The 2010 schedule was supposed to serve up softies like Kansas City, Detroit and Tampa Bay. The Rams lost to all three, but they beat projected division winners San Diego and San Francisco.

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