Rams' Bulger pointing to bottom line

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Bulger A few quick notes from the Rams' organized team activities Thursday, culled from what coach Steve Spagnuolo and quarterback Marc Bulger told reporters:

  • The Rams visited with former Cardinals cornerback Rod Hood, but nothing is imminent and the sides are not negotiating at this time. Spagnuolo: "I think Rod's been looking around and it's just kind of sitting."

  • Bulger really isn't into producing hopeful quotes for optimistic offseason stories. Does he think he can play at a high level with the right supporting cast and system?

Bulger: "I do. But I always say it's one thing saying it and it's another thing to do it. We have these young guys coming up at receiver. Our line's pretty much all new. Steven [Jackson]'s going to be healthy. So I'm really, really optimistic. I'm excited, especially to start winning games. But talk's cheap."

  • Second-year receiver Keenan Burton is resting a sore hamstring. Good idea. Burton needs the work, but it's May. No need to risk injuries unnecessarily.

  • The Rams have installed about 70 percent of their new offense and defense.

  • Spagnuolo doesn't feel a need to add a veteran receiver: "You can always use a vet to teach the guys, but I don't think it's a necessity. Heck, we're paying the coaches to coach them up. I think that it can be good in some ways, but I don't think you have to have that. I really don't." It's early. We'll see if the feeling changes in August.