Around the NFC West: Warner supports 'Q'

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic says some Cardinals players supported Anquan Boldin's decision to change agents. Karlos Dansby said Boldin's reputation had taken a hit. Kurt Warner: "We understand public perception is a huge part of our business. But oftentimes, that public perception is wrong. You can't go out and dispute it all the time, but just thinking about a guy like 'Q,' the guy does everything right. He busts his butt, he's here every day, he's a great leader for us, and he just wants to be compensated fairly for what he's accomplished and what he brings to the table. None of us fault him for that. There's no way in our book that he should ever have a bad reputation because of that."

Alex Marvez of foxsports.com says he expects Boldin to hire agents Tom Condon and Ben Dogra to replace Drew Rosenhaus. That is also my expectation, based on what other agents are saying, but expectations change quickly in the agent game. Boldin cannot hire another agent before Thursday. Nothing can become official before then.

Bill Coats of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says the Rams remain interested in re-signing cornerback Jason Craft. Other notes from his chat: The team does not appear likely to re-sign receiver Dane Looker; re-signing Oshiomogho Atogwe before the season is a priority; James Laurinaitis was the choice over Rey Maualuga in part because they saw the latter as a two-down player; and cornerback Tye Hill has looked better during organized team activities.

Tim Klutsarits of examiner.com looks for and finds signs of progress from Marc Bulger. Klutsarits: "I don't believe we will see Bulger with his shoulders slumped on the sidelines this year. I don't believe we will see Bulger roll his eyes at the head coach on the sidelines this season. I do believe we are starting to see signs that the real Marc Bulger is going to stand up and be counted in 2009."

VanRam of Turf Show Times takes a quick look at the Rams' situation at receiver.

John Morgan of Field Gulls renews criticism of Seahwaks safety Brian Russell and how the team has used him. This is a two-parter. Second part here. Signing Russell was in direct response to the long touchdown passes Seattle allowed routinely before his arrival. Morgan: "He's neither a sure enough tackler nor fast enough to break on the pass to limit long completions. He can at best limit very long completions. He won't contribute stopping the run the way a Tampa 2 safety must. I don't see why, even with the built-in cushion, teams would not challenge him deep. He's not fast, he's not a hard hitter and he hasn't shown an ability to get the jump ball. He's the right profile but the wrong talent for a scheme that probably won't work."

David Fucillo of Niners Nation sizes up the 49ers' situation at receiver. He gives Arnaz Battle or Dominique Zeigler a chance at earning a roster spot if the 49ers keep six this season. Here's how many receivers the 49ers have kept on their opening-day rosters over the previous six seasons: five in 2008, six in 2007, five in 2006, seven in 2005, six in 2004 and six in 2003. Injuries tend to shape decisions at this position. That was certainly the case in the NFC West last summer. Bryant Johnson (hamstring) and Ashley Lelie (calf) missed time at 49ers camp last season, affecting their futures with the team.