Moss the best? Fitzgerald belongs in conversation

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Randy Moss calls himself the best receiver in NFL history. Such claims are difficult to evaluate given that rules changes have made life much easier for receivers over the last 30 years. Cornerbacks can't be as aggressive as they once could be, although physical play from the Eagles' Lito Sheppard did seem to affect Moss during a memorable 2007 matchup.

I would agree with Moss' claim to this extent: At his best, he might be as good as any receiver for any one play. But if you watched the Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald last season, you know he belongs in any conversation about the best present-day receivers.

Cardinals cornerback Ralph Brown, who played with Moss in Minnesota, gave Fitzgerald the edge in terms of making the spectacular play:

"I have played with Randy Moss and I have seen Randy Moss make some phenomenal catches -- phenomenal. But he didn't make them on a consistent basis like Larry does."

I don't know which player is better. Both are among the best I've seen. I'd like to see both on the field in the same offense. Which one would you double?

Also: Moss ranked second on our all-time list of greatest NFL receivers.