About that 10 a.m. PT Seahawks kickoff

West Coast teams have complained about early kickoffs because they dislike waking up for games when their internal clocks are reading 5 or 6 in the morning.

The Seattle Seahawks will have to rise early for their 10 a.m. PT kickoff against the Bears in the divisional playoffs Sunday.

What does that mean?

The chart shows Seattle's nondivision road record since 2003 by kickoff times, counting playoffs. The disparity is insignificant.

Adding division games to the totals would grow the disparity to 12-27 (.308) in early games and 11-18 (.379) in later games. The record for early games shrinks to 7-24 (.226) excluding games against St. Louis.

Counting all games, including games at home, grows the disparity to 12-27 (.308) in early games and 60-39 (.606) in later games.

Seattle has a 1-7 road record in playoff games. The victory: 27-20 over the Miami Dolphins following the 1983 season.

2003-10 Seattle Seahawks Non-Division Road Record