Pete Carroll answers the call for Seahawks

RENTON, Wash. -- Pete Carroll's news conference at Seattle Seahawks headquarters took a hilarious turn Wednesday when the coach answered a reporter's phone while the device was recording audio from a nearby podium.

Carroll was answering a question when he heard the phone vibrating (no, it was not mine). Carroll glanced down once, then again, before saying, "Can I get that for you? Somebody's phone is ringing here."

Carroll continued as if to answer an earlier question, only to cast a mischievous glance down at the phone as it continued to vibrate.

"Let's check that out," Carroll said, reaching to pick up the phone.

He answered it.

"Hello? ... No, not now. It's a press conference. Sorry. I'll get back to you, OK?"

Carroll hung up the phone.

"Old friend from high school," he said. "Anyway, I'm sorry, what's the question?"

A reporter asked something about Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

"You think the guy will call back?" Carroll asked.

Check out the video here.