Long odds for a Rams relocation?

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Sam Farmer's recent column in the Los Angeles Times counts the reasons a Rams-to-Los Angeles move appears unlikely.

Cost is the first and probably most compelling reason.

Farmer: Rams owners reportedly are hoping to get at least $850 million for the team, and a privately financed stadium will cost $800 million at a bare minimum. Factor in a relocation fee imposed by the NFL, and the number soars well north of $2 billion. Earlier this decade, potential deals cost half that and barely made economic sense.

Jim Thomas and Tim Klutsarits have also deemed a Los Angeles move unlikely. Fans in St. Louis are understandably nervous. They lost the Cardinals to Arizona not all that long ago.

One thing to remember: The financial challenges owner Chip Rosenbloom faces are not specific to St. Louis. Those problems -- stemming from estate taxes -- would exist even if the team had remained in Los Angeles all these years. A move isn't required to solve them.