Pete Carroll: 'I got a call from Josh'

We haven't had enough items on Josh McDaniels lately. It's been a few minutes since the previous one.

I did want to pass along what Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said when asked whether he was disappointed to see McDaniels become the St. Louis Rams' offensive coordinator. The question implied that Carroll might have wanted to hire the former Denver Broncos coach.

Carroll: "No. I got a call from Josh. I talked to him."

That answer frames McDaniels' candidacy in Seattle differently than if Carroll had been targeting McDaniels upon firing his own offensive coordinator, Jeremy Bates. The Seahawks' hiring of Tom Cable to coach their offensive line, serve as assistant head coach and participate in hiring a coordinator appear inconsistent with targeting McDaniels or other high-profile coordinator candidates.

McDaniels recently finished a conference call with more than 20 reporters. I was on the call. I wanted to ask McDaniels about his Seattle prospects, but there wasn't a chance. It's a subject that will come up again.