Super Bowl traits: Home-grown rosters

Pittsburgh and Green Bay rank among the NFL leaders in retaining their own draft choices.

My unofficial counts show the Steelers and Packers among four teams with more than 35 of their own draft choices on the 53-man roster or injured reserve. Carolina and Indianapolis are the others.

The Panthers are in a different category as a rebuilding team attempting to save money.

San Francisco (33), Arizona (27), Seattle (26) and St. Louis (24) are at various points on the spectrum. Cleveland has only 17 such players on its roster or on injured reserve, easily a league low.

In looking at rosters for the Steelers and Packers, I'm seeing only two NFC West draft choices: Green Bay's Ryan Pickett, a first-round choice by St. Louis in 2001; and Pittsburgh's Arnaz Battle, a third-round choice by San Francisco in 2003.

Update: Former Rams draft choice Brandon Chillar is on injured reserve with Green Bay (thanks, Paul).