Cardinals' Dockett learned from Wilson

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Darnell Dockett's announcement that he has full faith in the Cardinals after meeting with the team shows the defensive lineman and agent Drew Rosenhaus have been paying attention.

Anquan Boldin waged a public battle in an attempt to leverage a new contract. The team drew a hard line. Boldin, pretty much stuck with two years remaining on his contract, fired his agent -- Rosenhaus -- and appears to be taking a lower profile. Dockett, with three years left on his deal, is wise to do the same.

While Boldin's tactics were taking him nowhere, the Cardinals rewarded safety Adrian Wilson with a new deal [after Wilson took the high road during negotiations]. The precedent appears to be set. Players without significant leverage will have to bide their time and negotiate on the Cardinals' timeline.

Here is what Dockett wrote on his Twitter page:

I am happy to announce that after meeting with the team recently, I have full faith and confidence in the Cardinals organization and I am looking forward to a great season. From the first day of training camp and on, I will not let my contract issues distract me or my team from reaching our goals-. I also look forward to playing with my teammates and defending our NFC championship title and I appreciate the support I've received from all my fans this offseason. - WE WILL WIN THE NFC WEST

The Cardinals couldn't have written it any better. This is good news for the team and a good move by Dockett. There's no use in pretending to have leverage. Dockett can cash in eventually if he continues to play at a high level.