McCarthy, Rodgers cleared the air early

DALLAS -- The two people most instrumental in building the NFC champion Green Bay Packers vacated the NFC West for their current jobs.

General manager Ted Thompson, formerly of the Seattle Seahawks, and head coach Mike McCarthy, late of the San Francisco 49ers, have done OK for themselves.

Both have proved to be more than just competent. McCarthy also appears to have been particularly blessed. He landed one of the NFL's prime head-coaching jobs in 2006 after coordinating a 2005 49ers offense that ranks among the worst in league history. He left an organization that drafted Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers, only to wind up with Rodgers anyway. McCarthy left one of the NFL's least stable organizations for a franchise strong enough to flourish after trading away Brett Favre.

"Aaron fell to Green Bay, which has been a true blessing for me," McCarthy said Tuesday during Super Bowl media day.

Rodgers' story, though tiresome for 49ers fans long before Green Bay arrived on the Super Bowl stage, has become unavoidable this week.

McCarthy said the 49ers considered taking Rodgers over Smith. The fact that San Francisco chose Smith first overall and Rodgers tumbled to Green Bay at No. 24 created a potentially awkward dynamic when McCarthy arrived in Green Bay.

"I'm thankful he's in Green Bay and it's something him and I talked about the first time we met," McCarthy said. "It's been a great relationship since."

What was there to talk about?

"Well, pick No. 1 as opposed to 24, there was something we needed to discuss," McCarthy said. "That is my personality. I am not one to let things lay. If there is something that needs to be talked about, I prefer doing it immediately instead of just waiting for it to come up. The first time we had a chance to meet and talk, that is what we talked about."

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